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Dr. Willie Ong: Effective Tips to Control High Blood, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Stress

Dr. Willie Ong is a Filipino doctor who gives his free consultation online as part of his mission of helping more people especially Filipino all over the world.

It his advocacy to reach massive poor Filipinos who can’t afford to have regular check up. With Dr. Willie Ong free consultation online you can avail free check up and helpful tips and effective to control your high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and stress as you can watch this video.

Dr. Willie Ong highlighted on eight (8) effective remedies to control
high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and stress for free.

Posible malunasan ang sakit kapag hindi pa ito malala. 
1. Uminom ng 8 basong tubig araw araw. 
2. Magpapayat kung sobra sa timbang. Bawas alat sa pagkain. 
3. Kumain ng 2-3 tasang gulay araw-araw. 
4. Maglakad lakad at mag-ehersisyo. 
5. Bawasan ang stress sa buhay. 
6. Matulog at magpahinga ng sapat. 
7. Bantayan ang blood pressure at blood sugar. 
8. Tigil ang sigarilyo, alak at ibang bisyo. 

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