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An ice cream shop in Hong Kong has a new flavored ice cream, a ‘Tear gas’ flavor. The main ingredient of the tear gas ice cream is black peppercorns, this is a reminder of the pungent, peppery rounds fired by police on the streets of the semi-autonomous Chinese city during months of demonstrations last year. [...]

Kapamilya host Ryan Bang gave out boxes of Fudgee Barr to those boys who went viral after they fought over the”Fudgee Barr” snack. Based on a previous report, the two boys were caught on the video fighting along the streets. Where the boy angrily asks “Sino kumain ng Fudgee Bar ko?” and the other one defended [...]

Viral now on social media, the video footage of two male teenagers fighting over a ‘Fudgee Bar’ snack. The said video gathers elicits comments online. Fight between kids, teenagers, and even adults are unavoidable, and that is very common not only in the Philippines but also in some countries. Usually, fights start due to misunderstanding [...]

https://youtu.be/XY6I71-bajo This life hack is really awesome; this guy is very clever to think an idea about this. His invention could literally save us time and effort. Can you ever imagine peeling a tomato using a toilet brush, Power drill and a bowl of ice water? People who didn’t see this video will tell you [...]

https://youtu.be/bTpRUXoe9Tw This food invention is really good for your appetite and it is just easy to make all you need is a kitchen knife, food foil wrap, chocolate bars, chunks or any topping that you like it is up in your choice and of course banana. The first step is to cut the banana down [...]

https://youtu.be/_vVR9JZBt94 First I really thought that this video is a waste of time, because the pictures really tells it everything it really breaks my heart when some is destroying my food, but when I watch the whole video it really pushes me to try this one.   This is maybe crazy but it really looks [...]

I would say that this is a food carving level at its bests! This form of art is really amazing; did anyone expect the outcome will be that awesome? For me this art is really indescribable, I know that people didn’t expect that is coming, just imagine a watermelon became a dragons head? Wow, this [...]

We need to eat because it is needed by our body to gain energy as well as to survive the daily stress we encounter from work and daily struggles of life, I know people who is a fan of eating wherein he eats every hour, hope he will not suffer from lifestyle diseases. Anyway in [...]

We love watching television shows especially when it gives us additional information for our own sake, such as cooking for example this aims to give us useful tips how to improve our cooking skills, but they said the success of the show depends sometimes to its host. Upon watching the video the host seems so [...]

We love to cook because practically we need food to survive, but it is so impossible to eat our ingredient in a raw manner, first we must process this through means of cooking and added some spices to make it more delicious. I have a question do you like pastries if “Yes” then you must [...]