Cristy Fermin: “Pagiging Kuripot ni Tom Rodriguez kay Carla Abellana” the Reason Behind the Alleged Breakup

Cristy Fermin discusses Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez’s suspected breakup during Cristy Ferminute. According to Cristy Fermin, another rumor concerning the couple’s alleged breakup is presently circulating. According to some, money is the basis for the supposed separation.Nanay Cristy then went on to discuss accusations that money is the basis for the couple’s rumored breakup. … Read more

Lolit Solis: “Cool glances all around” Lolit Solis was Overwhelmed by Kris Aquino’s Emotional Maturity and Width of Understanding

According to a new social media post by veteran showbiz veteran Lolit Solis, Kris Aquino is emotionally matured and has a broader understanding of things. Kris, according to the columnist, isn’t into power trips and would typically respond to criticism with grace. Lolit stated that she has demonstrated with Kris that if a person has … Read more

Dawn Chang Responds to the Accusation of ‘Nakipaglandian sa mga boss’

Dawn was accused of being “nakipaglandian sa mga boss,” according to veteran showbiz reporter Cristy Fermin. Cristy shared this remark on her show Cristy Perminute after Dawn criticized Toni Gonzaga for hosting the UniTeam of Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte’s proclamation event. Dawn Chang, a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, reacted to allegations that she … Read more