Cristy Fermin on Andrea Brillantes: “Parang Iniipon na niya yung Kahihiyan”

In the current episode of Cristy Ferminute, the renowned entertainment columnist also spoke directly, “parang iniipon niya yung kahihiyan.” Cristy Fermin responded to Andrea Brillantes’ viral video lately. The video went viral because many viewers noted Andrea was “baby talking.” Cristy also observed that Andrea has lately been in the news due to incidents affecting her.

Andrea Brillantes, originally named Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza, is a Filipina actress. She is most known for her performances as Annaliza’s main character and Marga Bartolome in Kadenang Ginto. She has also starred in the television programs E-Boy and Alyna, among other characters.

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Andrea Brillantes was recently discussed on Cristy Ferminute.

Cristy Fermin commented on Andrea’s viral video in a Siargao store during today’s episode of the aforementioned show.

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“Diyos ko, trending na trending sa TikTok lalo na ngayon, etong si Andrea Brillantes na gumawa na naman ng panibagong kahihiyan sa buhay niya. nag-baby talk. Nagbe-baby talk,” Fermin reacted.

“Parang iniipon na niya yung kahihiyan ano. Mula nung kampanya. Mula nung pagkatapos ng eleksyon, puro kahihiyan ang inaabot. Eto na naman.” the veteran columnist frankly stated.

She also added that “Tapos nagsalita pa itong Ricci Rivero na lagi siyang (Andrea) lasing. At kaya daw laging naka-angkla sa kanya, selosa daw dahil baka may mang-agaw sa kanya doon sa player.”

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Xian Gaza previously shared a picture of a direct message to Ricci Rivero. In his message, Xian inquired about Ricci’s girlfriend, Andrea Brillantes, and her voice. Unfortunately, there is no response from the basketball player in the screenshot. The businessman and influencer also said in the post, “Sumagot ka Ricci at hindi ako makatulog.”

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Andrea and her boyfriend, Ricci, just released a video of themselves doing “Who’s Most Likely To?” while swimming in a pool together. During playing the game, Andrea and Ricci dunked each other in the pool instead of pointing at each other. Andrea, according to the couple, enjoys loud laughter, insulting people, easily crying, drinking, acting erratically, being moody, and possessive. The basketball player was discovered to be sweeter and more hungry than his girlfriend.

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Watch the following conversation at 3:51 in this clip on Cristy Ferminute:

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