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  Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa spend time with his whole family in Boracay Island. General Bato as he is fondly called wanted to take a break after the two-day Senate hearing on extra-judicial killings of war against illegal drugs last week. Despite the tight security, Gen. Bato dubbed as [...]

The family of Warren Cristobal, the alleged new lover of Sen. Leila De Lima wants to stop the issue as it already affects his family. President Rodrigo Duterte has alleged him as the new lover of Senator De Lima and became the talk of the country nowadays. The alleged man was identified and named by [...]

The owner and founder of SM malls all around the Philippines, Henry Sy still top the wealthiest Filipino according to Forbes Philippines Magazine latest issue up for September 2016. Sy’s business blossomed from a simple shoe retail store in Manila in 1958.  He has a net worth of $13.7 billion, billions away from Cebu Pacific [...]

President Rodrigo Duterte excited to be a granddad of Sara Duterte’s soon triplets. Davao City Mayor and daughter of Pres. Duterte is expecting triplets that make the President more happy and excited.  He wishes good health for both Sara and the triplets, Duterte told the reporters.   President Duterte has already five grandchildren from his [...]

Once again the Philippines were on the front page of a foreign newspaper not in sports, beauty pageant, but in stopping crime and drugs in violence and in accordance with the law.  Before President Duterte became the country’s President he promised the people of the Philippines that he will stop crimes and drugs in a [...]

Joma Sison the Founder of the New People’s Army was upset since Duterte withdraw ceasefire from the Communist Party New People’s Army. Duterte said on his First SONA last July 25, 2016 that he declares ceasefire between the CPP-NPA and the AFP for a permanent and lasting peace. However, a day after New People’s Army [...]

Three guys were spotted and questioned by a police officer who was passing in a street at Malate, Manila. One suspect killed and the other two escaped. Paul Sabolao, the brave policeman and commander of Adritico PCP, was caught in CCTV camera stopping the three guys on a single motorcycle at Singgalong corner Aragon St., [...]

President Rodrigo Duterte spent his day in Zamboanga Peninsula and surprised visit the 16 soldiers who suffered injuries. The arrival of the president last Thursday night in the Camp Navarro General Hospital in Zamboanga City made phone’s clicking accompanied with happy happy faces and excited voices. The president walk along to the hospital, one by [...]

Motherhood can’t be replace by any calling here in this world. Admiring such mothers who had showed great faith is one of the things people nowadays should look forward to. Despite of the entertainment and showbiz world, the working-pregnant Mariel Rodriguez had revealed why she still work despite of her risky pregnancy. Mariel who suffered [...]

The attitude of peope does not depend on the status of life of a person. The youngest son of President Rodrigo Duterte known as Baste or Sebastian Duterte had stressed out a strong statement about discrimination among Filipinos. Just like Baste who stated in the recently held FightCon in the Amoranto Theater in Quezon City [...]