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Babies are naturally sensitive and delicate, so we take care of them very carefully. However, accidents can happen the least we expect it. Earlier this morning, June 7, 2019, a six-month old baby died after accidentally falling into a bucket of water with oxalic powder. The incident happened at Libertad Public Market in Bacolod City. [...]

According to UNAIDS, Pakistan has the fastest rates of HIV spread in the Asia Pacific Region with 20,000 new infections reported in 2017. In recent years, seen the virus rapidly resurfacing among sex workers and intravenous drug users. According to NACP, Pakistan already has 165,000 people living with HIV, but only around 25,000 are registered [...]

Joaquin Domagoso, son of Isko Moreno wants to be an actor and is now currently building his career, with the help of Daddie Wowie Roxas who was the former manager of Isko Moreno. Daddie Wowie Roxas had persuaded Isko Moreno to allow his son to try show business. Isko Moreno did allow his son, but [...]

There are some areas that homes are very far away from schools. Students suffer from this but still endures because what they wanted was to go to school and learn something. Not only has this happened in the Philippines, but also to some places in Myanmar. Mike Than Tun had noticed this after he got [...]

Eight years ago, Ramgen Revilla was murdered in his own house in Parañaque City. His ex-girlfriend Janelle Manahan, filed a case against RJ Revilla, Michael Jay Narta, Roy Francis Tolisora, Galiza Visda, Jan Norwin dela Cruz, and Ryan Pastera. Recently, the Parañaque Regional Trial Court acquits RJ Revilla and and five others for the death [...]

Actor Eddie Garcia has been on a critical condition ever since collapsing last June 8, 2019. This was confirmed by Antonio Rebosa, the medico-legal and spokesman representing Garcia’s family. “Right now he remains to be in very critical condition. He’s just being kept alive by medicines, he’s actually on life support because of the fracture [...]

Children loves taking care and playing with their pet. They would never let something bad happen to their beloved dogs, cats, birds, fishes, or even chickens. As a four-year old brave boy attempts to save his dog from a burning house in Lapuz, Iloilo. The boy was known as Daniel John Peralta. He was able [...]

Flight delay brings headache and disappointments to the passengers. This is very inconvenient especially when they are in a rush. Passengers of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) from Manchester to Islambat, were ready for the take-off while they were on the runway. PIA flight PK702, which was scheduled to fly from Manchester, England to Islamabad, Pakistan [...]

Everyone may already know, that Angelica and Carlo were past lovers. They had a movie together, back in the 2018, entitled, ‘Exes Baggage’. In January, Angelica stated that she intends to distance herself from Carlo, saying that the negative feedback and reactions from the fans affected their relationship. After a week, Angelica had spoken about [...]

Dani Barretto announced her pregnancy on social media. Dani Barretto posted a picture in Instagram saying, “My Inspiration and my purpose. You changed my life in so many beautiful ways. I never thought this kind of happiness was even possible. In a few months, you will be the most delicate treasure we will ever hold in our [...]