Starlink Philippines: Plans, Pricing, and Availability


Elon Musk’s Starlink internet service offers a detailed overview, covering its package options, pricing details, purchase methods, and a user-friendly signup process. It acts as a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking to explore and utilize this cutting-edge internet service.

Starlink has made its much-anticipated entry into the Philippine market, bringing with it a game-changing solution for areas with limited connectivity, especially in remote and rural regions. This satellite internet service, backed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, offers high-speed and low-latency internet access that holds the promise of bridging the digital divide in the country. With this expansion,

Starlink is poised to revolutionize internet accessibility in the Philippines, making it possible for previously underserved communities to enjoy the benefits of reliable and fast internet connectivity.

Starlink, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) initiated by Elon Musk under his aerospace venture, SpaceX, was founded with a primary mission: to extend internet access to regions currently underserved and to offer a reliable backup for existing infrastructure.

Distinguished by its innovative use of a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network, Starlink delivers notably enhanced speeds compared to conventional satellite internet providers. This technological leap empowers users to engage seamlessly in activities such as web browsing, streaming, video calls, and online gaming through the Starlink platform.

What’s the Cost of Starlink in the Philippines?

To get started with Starlink, you’ll need to acquire a Starlink kit. The following are the plan prices, which encompass VAT, shipping, taxes, and customs fees, along with a one-time shipping charge of PHP 1,220:

  1. Residential (standard kit) – PHP 28,000
  2. Roam (standard kit) – PHP 28,000
  3. Mobility (flat high performance) – PHP 153,942
  4. Maritime (flat high performance) – PHP 153,942

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