Philippines’ Strong Group Dominates Al Wahda 89-67 in 33rd Dubai International Basketball Championship


In a spectacular display of offensive prowess, Strong Group Athletics showcased their sharpshooting abilities by knocking down an impressive 17 three-pointers en route to an emphatic 89-67 victory over Syria’s Al Wahda Sports Club. This outstanding performance further solidified Strong Group Athletics’ dominance in the 33rd Dubai International Basketball Championship, propelling them to a pristine 2-0 record in the early stages of the tournament. The team’s ability to consistently connect from beyond the arc played a pivotal role in securing a commanding win against their Syrian counterparts.

A standout in the game was the reigning UAAP MVP, Kevin Quiambao, who delivered a stellar performance by contributing a game-high 24 points. Quiambao’s scoring prowess and leadership on the court played a crucial role in guiding Strong Group Athletics to a convincing triumph over Al Wahda Sports Club. His remarkable individual effort, combined with the team’s collective three-point shooting proficiency, underscores the formidable nature of Strong Group Athletics as a contender in the 33rd Dubai International Basketball Championship.

With their 2-0 record, Strong Group Athletics has not only demonstrated their offensive firepower but also positioned themselves as a team to watch in the tournament. As they continue to showcase their skills on the international stage, basketball enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the team’s future matchups and the potential for further standout performances from players like Kevin Quiambao.

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