Anne Curtis Bounces Back with a ‘Bawi’ Post Following ‘Nice Ganda!’ Comment


In a recent episode of It’s Showtime, comedian Vice Ganda prompted actress Anne Curtis to make a statement, and this post serves as her way of making amends.

Maintaining the integrity of contracts requires celebrities to exercise caution when mentioning the names of companies, brands, or products. The endorsements they commit to typically include stipulations outlining what is prohibited and what is permissible. Ensuring compliance with these contractual terms is crucial for the safety and security of the agreements they enter into.

In a preceding article, Anne Curtis, the actress-host from Kapamilya, expressed her astonishment upon realizing the unexpected statement prompted by her superstar comedian friend, Vice Ganda.

During their playful banter, Vice convinced Anne to say “Nice Ganda,” a catchphrase from the comedian’s popular advertisement endorsing a fast-food restaurant. Notably, this particular brand is a major competitor of the fast-food chain that the actress has been endorsing for several years.

Online users responded with laughter to her candid mistake, as it unfolded so seamlessly that she didn’t immediately recognize the line. Anne Curtis later extended her apologies for the oversight.

Observers noted that Anne Curtis appeared visibly uncomfortable after the incident, and her expressions suggested that she wasn’t pleased with what had transpired. Despite this, she handled the situation adeptly, maintaining composure and awareness that they were live on air. In a light-hearted response to the funny and candid mistake, she bounced back by sharing a video of herself enjoying a Chicken Joy leg while on a shoot in London for The Perfect Magazine.

In the caption, she humorously declared herself a “#Chickenjoyer forever,” emphasizing her fondness for the popular fast-food item. Anne’s ability to turn a moment of discomfort into a playful post showcased her good-humored approach to unexpected situations.

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