Is There a Romance Between Super Sireyna Francine Garcia and Chavit Singson’s Son, Luis Christian?


Eliciting curiosity and sparking online discussions, there’s an undeniable fascination surrounding the connection between ‘Eat Bulaga’ Super Sireyna 2013 Grand Winner, Francine Garcia, and Luis Christian Singson, who is often referred to as the favored son of the former Governor, Chavit Singson.

Netizens have been actively contemplating the nature of their relationship and the implications it may hold, especially considering Christian’s prominent presence alongside his father and the potential political future awaiting him. Recent images of the two, taken at the Singsons’ scenic Narvacan, Ilocos Sur resort, have only added to the intrigue, leaving many to ponder the depth of their connection and its significance.

As previously noted, it’s evident that Luis, Governor Chavit’s favored son, consistently accompanies his father and is being groomed for a future in politics.

Recently, an aesthetically captivating photograph emerged, capturing both individuals alongside Francine at the picturesque Singson family resort in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. The image portrayed the young man attentively applying sunscreen to the girl while she wore a two-piece swimsuit, adding to the beauty of the scene and fueling speculation about their relationship.

The caption of Francinse to Christian, “Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.”

Reportedly, Chavit’s son had made a promise to take Francine to their family’s Narvacan, Ilocos Sur resort, described as a picturesque Santorini-style destination by saying, “I’ll take you to Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. We have a private beach there, Santorini style. Seaside, incredibly beautiful.”

Although this photo was taken in May 2023, it was only recently shared by Francine, just one day ago.

Francine did not explicitly disclose the current status of her relationship with Luis Christian. However, upon reviewing the Facebook account, it was noted that her relationship status was updated to “in a relationship” on September 1.

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