Neri Miranda Shows Solution and Offers Free Seeds After 1,000 Meal Plan Bashed


Neri Miranda, commonly known as Wais na Misis, a celebrity entrepreneur, provided free seeds after receiving criticism for her P1,000 weekly meal plan.

Neri is well-known for offering helpful tips and suggestions on her social media platforms.

Neri is renowned for being “matipid,” and she made an attempt in her now-deleted post to offer another way of budgeting that may be beneficial to women.

Many netizens, however, were not pleased, claiming that her weekly meal plan, which would cost P1,000, was impossible. Her spouse defended her in the midst of the criticism. Chito stated in a social media post on September 14 that his wife simply wanted to help, and her fans are aware that she learned how to grow fruits and vegetables.

Following the backlash, Wais na Misis announced to her fans that she would be giving out seeds.

“Ang dami kong vegetable seeds! Sinong may gusto? Kahit walang bakuran, pwede magtanim sa paso. Dali, mamimigay ako ng mga seeds! Para mabawasan ang stress ng mga nagba-budget sa bahay,” Neri stated.

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