JUST IN: Massive Fire Devours Colegio de Sta. Rita, San Carlos, Negros Occidental


In an unfortunate and distressing event, Colegio de Sta. Rita fell victim to a destructive fire that swept through its premises, leaving devastation. The once vibrant halls and classrooms were consumed by the relentless blaze, disrupting the institution’s noble mission of education.

This introduction delves into the heart-wrenching account of how the flames ravaged Colegio de Sta. Rita, exploring the immediate impact and the challenges that lay ahead for its students, faculty, and the community.

On Monday, August 14, after 7 p.m., a fire broke out at Colegio de Sta. Rita in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental. The main cause of the fire is yet to be reported.

Netizens, students, and alumnus cry for their beloved school.

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