Zack Tabudlo Health Update After He Harms Himself Amid Dating Issues with Moira Dela Torre


In a new post, “Binibini” hitmaker Zack Tabudlo put the record straight and revealed unexpected hospitalizations.

Moira Dela Torre and Zabudlo are reported to be having an affair, which brought back after someone spoke out against Moira online. The situation has gotten out of hand, prompting Moira to speak out for herself.

In an official statement, she refuted the charges and stated clearly that she and Zack are not having an affair.

He answered the ongoing accusations regarding him and Moira in a lengthy and significant Facebook post, outlining how their friendship blossomed and how they became closer. He remembered how the rumor had influenced both of their mental states.

He said in his statement that Moira and her friends were there for him when he was at his lowest moment. He would cry in their presence since they helped him feel loved, safe, and protected.

The allegations and pressure took their toll on Tabudlo, and they nearly cost his life. He attempted to commit su!cide. He was placed in a coma and became unresponsive, but he was granted a second chance at life, for which he is thankful.

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