WATCH: Vice Ganda also Excluded Karylle on a Group Chat

Marie Test

Vice Ganda, Ogie Diaz, and the candidates discussed the most painful experiences of basketball players on the November 8 episode of the noontime program during the Madlang Pi-POLL section.

DJ Onse feels that being dismissed from the team is the most terrible experience, and Vice Ganda concurred, adding that even being removed from a chat group is awful.

“Kahit sa chat group lang nga eh, diba yung biglang tinanggal ka, ‘removed from the group’, ay bakit ako naremove?”

Vice said.

Because of the theme, the comedian-host went back in time.

“Yung may chat group kayo tapos may iba pa palang group na lahat sila andun, ikaw lang ang wala.”

Vice added.

The other hosts responded, and Vice Ganda continued, “Aminin nyo ginawa natin yan kay Karylle dati.”

Teddy also asked, “Sino leader non, sino admin non?”

Vice Ganda claimed without hesitation that the group chat was formed by Bobet Vidanes, the It’s Showtime director at the time, which surprised the hosts.

He has now faced indirect blows from his former artist as a result of his unsatisfactory decision to depart the network during its darkest hour.

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