WATCH: Dina Bonnevie Says Sorry to Alex Gonzaga for Her Viral Birthday Cake Video

Dina Bonnevie, a veteran actress, apologized to actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga after a video of her birthday celebration went viral.

Ms. D made a comment to the waiters who were holding her cakes during her birthday party. “Cakes are to be eaten, not glued on other people’s faces,” Dina explained.

Because of Alex’s viral video in which she smeared icing over the waiter’s face, this quickly gained the attention of the internet community. Many people are aware that Dina and Alex had a “issue” in the past.

Dina Bonnevie finally addressed the “issue” between her and Alex Gonzaga in a recent appearance on GMA’s afternoon talk show Fast Talk, hosted by King of Talk Boy Abunda.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, ganun yung mga tao na parang nanunukso,” Ms. D stated, explaining that she just stated that she would not put cake on the waiter’s face.

She also stated that it has turned into a joke and that she just allowed it to be posted online, but she has no intention of hurting the actress-feelings. 

“If I hurt Alex’s feelings, it’s because, na-post yun, sorry pero it was a joke. We were just having fun noong birthday ko,” Dina Bonnevie explained.

“We were just having fun noong birthday ko,” Dina Bonnvie explained.

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