Video of Whamos Cruz Proposing to Antonette on Her Birthday

Whamos Cruz expressed his gratitude to his partner, Antonette Gail Simone.

The social media sensation shared a video of himself shopping for expensive stuff at a mall as a birthday present for Antonette Gail Simone, who recently turned 19.

When he returned home, he astonished Antonette with the gifts and a massive birthday cake. Whamos startled Antonette when she was tending for her newborn kid. She seems to like Whamos’ presents for her.

However, when Whamos mentioned that the engagement ring would be arriving soon, Antonette joked that she had been waiting for the ring for a long time and it had yet to appear.

Whamos Cruz is a social media sensation and TikTok and YouTube content maker. Aside from his popular social media videos, he also went viral after entering Idol Philippines, where the judges grew fond of him. Whamos and his partner, Antonette, rose to prominence after their story was featured on Raffy Tulfo’s show.

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