The Story Behind “WANTED, THIS ATE GHORL!” Post Goes Viral


Nico Niklaus’ post of them conversing at La Creperie went viral.

Here’s the whole story:

THIS SISTER GHORL IS DESIRED! (My Friday the 13th Experience) I never expected this to happen to us. Julz Sebastian, a friend of mine, and I went to LaCreperie in Shangri-la Plaza Mall to eat. We’re talking about the Vision Board and our plans for 2023.

He inquired, “Attorney, how do you manifest quickly? How do you make him? Why is it so easy for you to do and attract and manifest?

Because the Bible says in Mark 11:24, “if you ask in prayer, believe that YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT, and it will be yours,” and I said, “Julz, it didn’t say believe that you “will receive.” “it.

It stated that you “have received” it. As a result, you must act as if you have already received it. That is crucial. Sister Ghorl was the only one at the other table. He gave us a friendly smile.

I know he was paying attention to what we were saying. And my jokes for Julz.

Ate Ghorl summoned the waitress, who dashed to the cashier. I assumed she had a medical emergency. Julz and I chatted and laughed until we finished our meals.

I requested the bill from the waitress. Because I was concerned about the size of my bag, I searched for my wallet. How many times have I eaten at La Creperie? Almost every day.

So I knew that whenever I asked for the bill, they’d always show me the bill from an open receipt holder. The receipt holder was closed this time.

When I opened it to insert my credit card, I found this table napkin with the Mark 11:24 verse and the following message:

“Your presence blessed me today. 🙂 Proverbs 11:25. I hope you pass on the kindness. God bless.”

“Hey Julz, oh, it’s cute they have a message,” I said.

I mistook it for a message from the Assistant Manager. I inquired about my bill with the waitress. She claimed it had already been paid for by Ate ghorl at the other table.

And the message on the table napkin is his. Julz and I were taken aback. For about 5 minutes, we were speechless. Julz looked up the meaning of Proverbs 11:25.

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed,” it says.

We searched for her around the shopping center to thank her, but we couldn’t find her. I couldn’t believe there were still people like her till then.

Thank you very much, Sister Ghorl; I hope to see you again soon. I kept the tablecloth. It has an original story. Definitely unique!

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