SUV Owner Crashed 12 Vehicles in Mandaluyong

The owner’s camp is settling with the victims of the SUV that crashed into 12 vehicles in Mandaluyong City on Tuesday morning.

The SUV was carrying the 19-year-old student and the driver of their family.

During the Mandaluyong Police Department’s investigation, the SUV began colliding with other vehicles on San Miguel Avenue.

The SUV driver is said to have lost control of the steering wheel, causing it to collide with the vehicles.

As a result of the incident, up to 13 people were injured.

Atty has spoken with the victims. Paul Roldan, the SUV’s owner, is also the student passenger’s father and the SUV driver’s employer.

“So far there were 13 who submit their statements. We managed to come to terms to four of them whose vehicles sustained minor damages. There are still some who are in the hospitals which we intend to help also we already talked to the relatives. As per my information, two were not able to come here today because they are still in the hospital, there were three who’ve got admitted but were discharged, Roldan said.

Roldan clarified that they are also in contact with the families of the other two hospitalized victims.

“I’ve talked with the daughter of one of them. We come to make terms as long as they are reasonable. We are relieved that no one died,” Roldan stated.

Meanwhile, Roldan denied that his 19-year-old son was behind the wheel of the SUV.

The inquest into the death of the SUV driver, Dominador Varga, will begin tomorrow. Roldan will also serve as Varga’s legal advisor.

Varga is charged with reckless imprudence, which resulted in multiple physical injuries and property damage.


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