LOOK: Jennica Garcia Top Trending on Twitter Over Her “Evil Smile” Surprised Netizens


The actress is trending on Twitter after fans complimented her “evil smile” transformation on the new TV show “Dirty Linen.”

Jennica Garcia’s name quickly becomes the #1 trending topic on Twitter. Jennica’s portrayal in several scenes of the new TV series “Dirty Linen” surprised netizens on Thursday.

Jennica’s transformation from shocked to ev1l smirk was one of the images that captivated viewers.

“Yung transition ni Jennica Garcia from shocked to evil smile, ang smooth. Why is the industry sleeping on her. Tama yung nagmessage siya sa isa sa mga ABSCBN bosses for a role and she didn’t disappoint. So far, galing niya. More projects pa for her,” a netizen stated.

Jean Garcia’s daughter is Jennica Alexis Maitim Garcia-Uytingco. She is married to Alwyn Uytingco, her co-star, and they have two children.

Jennica’s cute dance earlier went popular on social media. Her simple yet s3ductive beauty also shines out. It’s not surprising that netizens couldn’t stop gushing over her beauty. Some of them even said Jennica looks like a Korean star.

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