Jason and Moira Dela Torre’s Comeback Photo: Netizens React

Here are some of the internet’s amusing reactions to Moira dela Torre and Jason Francisco’s viral photo.

Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez, who married in 2019, divorced in May, with Jason admitting to having an affair. The Kapamilya singer initially remained silent on the subject but eventually broke her silence, dismissing rumors that she had also cheated on him.

Fans believe that the songs “All I Can Do” and “Ako Nalang,” which Jason recently released, are about his breakup with Moira.

The photo of Moira Dela Torre and Jason Francisco has gone viral on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Melai Cantiveros, Francisco’s wife, posted the photo on Facebook, and it was reposted on Kapamilya Online World’s FB page.

The name of Moira’s ex-husband was mentioned in the online community in response to Moira and Francisco’s snap. They joked that Moira and Jason had reconnected, which made them very happy.

Netizens captioned the photo with various phrases, including one from Francisco’s family’s viral video about chicken nuggets. Meanwhile, many people continue to applaud the singer for taking such good care of herself. Here are some of their reactions to the post:

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