Arci Muñoz Spotted Together with Rumored Boyfriend Seth Jamora in Hong Kong

Arci Muoz spent her birthday in Hong Kong with a few of her good friends in the entertainment industry and her rumored boyfriend, Seth Jamora.

To recall, with the description “from best friends to lovers,” Arci shocked a lot of her followers and internet users in 2021 when she shared a photo of the actor JM de Guzman handing her a bouquet of flowers. Later, the two famous people admitted that everything was a joke.

Recently, Seth Jamora and Arci Muoz were spotted together in South Korea. Seth is the son of Lhing Jamora, Jinkee Pacquiao’s sister.

The actress’s love of K-pop and K-dramas is widely known. She was present when Ji Chang Wook, a well-known South Korean actor, joined Manny Pacquiao and Jinkee for dinner.

Arci Muoz spent her birthday in Hong Kong with her friends and her rumored boyfriend Seth Jamora, who called the actress his “babyboo.”

On January 10, Arci went to eat with her friends and Jamora, who appeared to have given the actress a surprise balloon and flower gift.

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