JAPA: Three Nigerian Stowaways Survive an 11-day Journey from Lagos to Spain on the Ship’s Rudder

Marie Test

Three people were rescued by the Spanish coast guard after being stowed on top of the rudder of a ship that arrived in the Canary Islands from Nigeria.

The migrants are shown perched on the rudder of the oil and chemical tanker Althini II in a photograph released by the coastguard on Monday.

According to Marine Traffic, a ship-tracking website, the Althini II arrived in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, on Monday after an 11-day voyage from Lagos, Nigeria.

The migrants were taken into the port and treated by medical personnel, according to the coastguard’s Twitter account.

According to Norwegian media, four Nigerian stowaways survived 10 days at sea before being discovered hidden in a compartment above the rudder of a Norwegian oil tanker traveling from Lagos to Las Palmas in 2020.

The same year, a 14-year-old Nigerian told the Spanish newspaper El Pais that he hid for 15 days on the rudder of a cargo ship carrying fuel from Lagos to the Canary Islands.

According to the Red Cross, poverty, violent conflict, and the desire for job opportunities continue to fuel migration out of West Africa.

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