WATCH: Viral Story of a Bride Who Continued the Marriage Despite Having Sickness

Nothing could derail Levy Jaedicke Felix’s marriage to her present husband, Richmond Ariola. Levy tested positive with dengue a day before their reunion.

To be sure, the decision was not simple, especially because they should have weighed the bride’s condition. But that didn’t change his mind, and he opted to marry nonetheless.

All of the additional arrangements were obtained with the assistance of their wedding organizer, Angeline Allvia Rivera, to guarantee that someone would attend to the bride’s condition.

A doctor is also anticipating the wedding, especially since the bride is still wearing serum. But they overcome it, and the wedding went off without a hitch and resumed on the scheduled day. From an interview, here is the entire story:

Recently, a video of a newlywed who was left weeping after being mistaken for a board passer went viral. It was revealed to him just before his wedding ceremony. Jonel and Jolivie opted to ride a motorbike instead of renting a bridal vehicle for Php 3,500-5,000.

What’s more more incredible about what they accomplished is that the bride drove their motorcycle.

Jonel is thought to know how to ride a motorbike, but Jolivie outperforms him. Many people appreciated and admired a wedding event at Mang Inasal where the bride and groom spent only Php 3,000.

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