WATCH: Andi Eigenmann Reposted a Video about Having a “Narcissistic Parent”

Andi Eigenmann posted a video regarding having a “narcissistic parent” on her Instagram Stories.

This is in the midst of the controversy surrounding her mother Jaclyn Jose’s  post claiming how she and Philmar Alipayo failed to wish her a happy birthday.

Based on this video, having a parent like that means being emotional and immature.

Andi Eigenmann is a product endorser and entertainment star.  She is come from the famous Eigenmann family of artists. She is the child of Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose, a prominent actor and actress.

The video she shared was uploaded by psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera to her Instagram account.

Andi shared in her new vlog episode what they often do when they are in Siargao. In the beginning part of the video, Ellie can be seen with her fellow youth carrying a sack.

Ellie said that she would just follow her mother to a surf resort and that she liked to go trash-picking with her friends. Numerous people applauded her for caring about the environment at her young age.

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