Ruffa Gutierrez’s First Date with Herbert Bautista was Unusual

The first feature in the pilot episode of M.O.M.s, or Mhies on a Mission, which began on Monday, November 28, 2022, is “A day in the life” by the three hosts, Ruffa Gutierrez, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, and Ciara Sotto.

Mariel and Senator Robinhood Padilla are a cute couple who bond with their two children by making cupcakes and even having an art session.

Mariel stated that she devotes time to this bonding in order to have happy memories of their children.

Ciara accompanied her son, Crixus, to the barbershop. This Crixus is quite attractive!

The huddle of mother and daughter makeup artists, Ruffa and Venice, is amusing.

While her mother was applying makeup, Venice revealed that she awoke early one morning to find Ruffa on the phone and hiding in the bathroom.

Venice continues to tease Ruffa as if she is a teenager. Ruffa even forbade his son from mentioning who he was on the phone with in the early hours of the morning.

It’s amusing to hear them speak as if they’re the same age.

Herbert Bautista mentioned them again before the episode ended. Ruffa has yet to admit whether or not they are with Herbert. They stated that they do not want to be influenced by what others say.

Anything between them was created during the lock-in taping of the series The Arrest of Us, where they claimed to have done nothing but talk.

“Marespeto iyan! Ano siya, torpe. Ako rin, I’m super torpe. So, tsikahan lang kami ng tsikahan. So, para kaming turtles,” Ruffa stated.

Herbert said he wanted his children, Lorin and Venice, to be with him, so Ruffa told him about their strange first date. They claimed to have discussed Lorin’s studies in America.

“Tinulungan niya ako i-compute magkano ang college expenses para kay Lorin. Iyon ang first date namin. Very helpful, di ba?

“Normally pag first date, di ba? Hello, hi. Hindi na ganun. Feeling ko nag-mature na ako. This is the first time I’m talking to someone older and wiser. I never experienced this na seven hours nag-uusap kami, nag-aaral.

“Para kasi siyang mentor. I learned a lot from him,” Ruffa said.

She added, “I think my heart is happy. I’m just enjoying life and taking my time. Hindi kami nagpapadala sa pressure ng tao na, ‘Uy, kailangan ganito ang gawin niyo, ha? Mag-out na kayo.’ Hindi.

“Parang, I think, tulad ng sinabi ko kanina, time will reveal a person’s character.”

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