Japan Provides P3 Trillion in Aid to the Philippines – Department of Health

Marie Test

The Philippines has received a total of P3 Trillion in support from Japan in the form of gifts and official development assistance initiatives, according to the Department of Health on Friday.

The contributions include medical equipment such as portable X-ray machines, MRI machines, and CT scanners, according to DOH officer-in-charge Maria Rosario Vergeire.

In addition, Japan provided refrigerated vans, wing vans, and ambulances.

“All of these will be distributed to those areas that will be needing it the most,” stated in a press briefing on Friday.

Japan also built and renovated some health centers, including one in Caloocan City, according to Vergeire.

She added that it also aided in the development of mechanisms for community-based rehabilitation in the country.

“The Japanese government had been supporting us throughout this difficult situation we have right now and we are very much appreciative of that,” Vergeire stated.

In a ceremony held at the Lung Center of the Philippines on Friday, Japan handed over some medical and cold chain equipment to the DOH.

“These equipment are a much needed addition to our arsenal to reinforce our ongoing efforts to respond to COVID-19. Through this, we can further expand our campaigns in order to reach more vulnerable sectors of the population, contributing to our common goal of ending COVID-19 globally,” Vergeire stated.

“Truly, this gesture of solidarity by Japan reflects our common ethos of building global communities and brings us one step closer to our shared aspiration to win the fight against COVID-19,” she continued.

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