Jane De Leon Apologizes to Fans for Not being Active Lately, Here’s Why

Jane De Leon used Instagram Stories to update her fans on the sad news.

She further apologized to her followers for her recent lack of activity in her Instagram account.

Jane is a stunning Filipina model and actress. Jane has been on well-known programs including “Halik,” “La Luna Sangre,” and “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,” and she currently stars in the ongoing “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” series.

Jane was a former member of the girl group GirlTrends, who frequently performed on “It’s Showtime.”

Dengue and a urinary tract infection (UTI)  were both found to be present in Jane De Leon’s test results.

She wrote, “Hi everyone! Sorry if I’m not active lately. I’m still sick. I tested positive with dengue & UTI.”

“I won’t able to reply but I promise to see you guys soon,” Jane added.

Additionally, the “Mars Ravelo’s Darna” actress thanked everyone who had been praying for her.

“Thank you for all the prayers,” the actress continued.

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