Alex Gonzaga Talked Back to Her Haters and Bashers

Alex Gonzaga should not be impacted by what his detractors say about him, namely that he is barren. He stated that they are unaware of his medical history.

She stated that even though she is not impacted, she thinks of other ladies who are going through the same thing she is.

His OB describes his narrative as “beautiful.” His test results are also positive, thus he is unaffected by the opinions of others. She also considers her husband, who is equally impacted by her failed pregnancy.

He also stated that he did not feel as if he had lost a kid because, according to him, no baby was produced as a result of the blighted ovum. He stated that no baby had ever been produced in his womb before, but because of what happened, they recognized he was capable of becoming pregnant.

Alex Gonzaga rose to prominence in the entertainment industry as Toni Gonzaga’s younger sister. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in the country, with over 12.2 million subscribers.

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