Actual Footage: Barangay 16 Bacolod City Sho0ting Incident

A live video of a sho0ting incident in Barangay 16 Negros Occidental Bacolod City posted by “Nics” went viral today.

The victim was identified asMark Christian “Bajao” Luceno, and he was said to have been shot in the head by two helmeted suspects. It can be seen in the video that the victim’s family is crying out for mercy for the victim’s fate.

The family of the victim, Mark Christian “Bajao” Luceno, is crying out for justice, and the authorities continue to investigate what happened in Barangay 16. is still waiting for updates on the case.

Here is the actual video of the shooting incident:

Here’s the link:

Cr!me, vi0lence, and terr0rism are all somewhat prevalent in the Philippines. In 2021, the country was ranked in the bottom five of the region’s order and security index rankings. Similarly, the Philippines has one of the highest imprisonment rates per hundred thousand people. Crime rates were especially high in poorer neighborhoods and locations with more inhabitants and unemployment. In the Philippines, over 27.2 thousand criminal incidences were documented as of February 2022. Around 7,000 of these occurrences were recorded in the National Capital Region, while over 4,000 were reported in Region 4-A. Crime incidences comprise both focused and non-focused offenses.

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