Sharon Cuneta Reveals the Reason Why She Was Not Allowed to Enter Hermes Store in South Korea


The Megastar made it clear that there was a reason she was denied entry to the Hermes store in South Korea.

She only recently traveled to South Korea to visit her relatives.

Sharon went out shopping at one time. She went to the Hermes store there, but the doorman snubbed her, so she went to the Louis Vuitton store, where she made other purchases.

The courteous employees gave Sharon Cuneta a complimentary bottle of champagne and an arrangement of flowers before she left the store.

After completing her shopping at Louis Vuitton, Sharon went back to the Hermes store to display the workers what she had bought elsewhere.

The megastar further added a moment from Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman role when a coworker treated Julia unfairly in her vlog.

She stated in an Instagram post that there could be an explanation why she wasn’t permitted to enter the store for the luxury brand.

She claims that luxury shops like Hermes still keep to protocol by restricting the number of shoppers who may visit their establishments.

“Don’t feel bad about Hermes not letting me in! Lots, if not all name-brand stores even in the U.S. allow a certain number of people in at a time – sometimes 10 lang, while the others wait in line outside of the store,” Sharon stated.

“Lots also ask you to make an appointment,” she continued.

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