WATCH: Toni Gonzaga’s Hilarious Reaction To Mariel Padilla’s Live Selling Goes Viral  


After Mariel Padilla reads one of the amusing comments from their fans, The Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni can be heard laughing aloud.

Many people praised Mariel Padilla for having such great spirit while promoting expensive goods on her Facebook page. Additionally, she entertains foreign viewers and gives “free shipping” to her viewers.

One of the most popular TV hosts in the Philippines is Mariel Padilla. The TV host’s success on YouTube increased once she started her own channel. She not only vlogs, but she also sells expensive products online.

Recently, Mariel Padilla shocked the online audience by inviting a special guest to her Facebook live selling session. She was with Toni Gonzaga, a longtime friend.

On social media, notably on TikTok, a video of the celebrity mom’s live selling has gone viral.

After Padilla read one of their readers’ remarks, Gonzaga was heard laughing out loud on the video.

As of the time of this writing, over 300,000 people have watched the video on the aforementioned social media network.

The Ultimate Multimedia Star’s laughter amused many online users, and they admired Padilla’s sense of humor.

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