VIRAL NOW: The Cheated People Declared the Heart Evangelista a “SAINT” and called her “Our Lady Heart Evangelista”


What appears to be a TikTok user’s “padasal” for the left and abandoned has gained traction on social media. Jonna Cenica, a content creator, posted a “prayer petition” to “Our Lady of Heart Evangelista” on September 27, 2022, for those who were disregarded by the cheaters.

TikTok fans who are “pagdarasalan” (praying) to individuals who have been deceived appear to have turned actress Heart Evangelista a “santa.”

You may see this prayer in the video below:

“Magtipun-tipon tayo mga kapatid at maghawak-hawak tayo ng kamay.

“Para sa mga magagandang nanampalatayang walang kabit ang asawa nila, Our Lady Heart Evangelista, please pray for us.

“Para sa mga dyosang nagta-trabaho pa kahit milyonaryo na at pinagpalit sa mukhang paa, Our Lady Heart Evangelista, please pray for us.

“Para sa mga nasisi pa kahit yung kabiyak naman nila ang unang nangwalanghiya, Our Lady Heart Evangelista, please pray for us.”

Heart’s image was also used as the backdrop for his video.

It appears that “Our Lady Heart Evangelista” responded quickly to his supplication.
“Omg !! Prayer granted. [face with tears of joy emoji]” said Heart, startled.
“Nahimatay ako 3 hours!!!!!! prayer of thanks to Our Lady Evangelista,” a TikTok user responded.

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