Vhong Navarro Reveals His Condition Inside Jail: “Di ko kayang maging komedyante ngayon”

The presenter of It’s Showtime, Vhong Navarro, who has been in several comedies and movies, admitted that he is currently in jail and is unable to do hold comedy.

Tanya Bautista, Vhong’s wife, revealed information on the noontime program host’s current situation at the jail facility.

The fact that his friends are making him laugh and are kind to him at this trying period helps Vhong Navarro to feel better.

Tanya, however, claimed that her spouse is currently quite emotional.

She recalled what Vhong Navarro said, “Sabi niya, ‘Hindi ko kayang maging komedyante ngayon.'”

Tanya said that her spouse usually encouraging himself to eat.

Tanya will give Vhong an update on the situation when she visits him.

The television host’s wife added, “Sobrang ang dami niyang tanong. ‘Kumusta na si Yce? Kumusta ka?’ ‘Yung mga ganoon. ‘Tapos, gusto mong kuwentuhan bigla ng mga light naman kasi masyado nang bumibigat.”

Tanya continued by stating that her husband finds it really difficult everytime she leaves.

Tanya shared, “Tapos ayun, umandar ‘yung oras na kailangan ko na, nu’ng kailangan ko nang umalis, sobrang hagulgol na siya.”

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