NEWS UPDATE: Vhong Navarro was Arrested and Sent to the NBI Detention Cell

According to the NBI, actor Vhong Navarro surrendered to the agency on September 19, after an arrest order was filed against him.

Navarro worked with the NBI through his attorney to indicate his intention to voluntarily surrender with respect to the warrant of arrest issued by the Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 116 in Taguig City on September 15 for Acts of Làsciviousness. The bail in this case was set at P36,000.00.

The RTC Branch 69 in Taguig City issued another arrest warrant for Navarro in the afternoon of the same day, with no bail suggested.

According to the counsel for Vhong, Atty. They will submit a bail petition in the ràpe case, Alma Mallonga.

In an interview with Karen Davila on ANC’s Headstart today, he stated, “The warrant of arrest with respect to the ràpe complaint was issued and that case is non-bailable.

“Mr. Vhong Navarro has voluntarily surrendered also in connection with the ràpe complaint and he is presently detained.

“Under the laws and the procedure, he will continue to be detained until bail is granted to him.

“That will require the petition for bail be filed and we will do it immediately.”

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