JUST IN: Video of Vehicular Accident of CMC Mini-Bus and a Red Toyota Innova E Van in Barangay Sum-ag in Bacolod City

A CMC mini-bus and a private van were involved in a motor collision at Barangay Sum-ag in Bacolod City this morning, September 13, 2022. According to preliminary accounts, two persons were !njured.

A collision between a minibus and a red vehicle was witnessed. The female driver of the red van seems perplexed on the video, while the bus driver is upset.

The red vehicle is claimed to have overtaken the bus when the bus driver was not expecting it. Two persons were reported to have been hurt in the crash, and it is clear that the passengers were terrified by what happened. Because of the accident, the driver of the red van couldn’t stop weeping. She stated that the van’s driver could not believe what had occurred, and that officials were instructed to examine the event to determine the true cause.

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