Janine Gutierrez Confirms that She’s in a Relationship with Paulo Avelino?


Actress Janine Gutierrez of Kapamilya was questioned if she was dating Paulo Avelino, and she provided a cryptic response.

Since they worked together on the television series Marry Me, Marry You, Janine and Paulo have been associated. 
When questioned about the actual score between them during previous interviews, they choose to avoid immediately responding and instead would remark that they had gotten along better.

In a recent video uploaded to IWantTFC’s YouTube channel, Janine Gutierrez participated in a game to promote her film Sleep With Me with Lovi Poe. She had to respond to the most common inquiries made regarding her online.

Her family was also the subject of inquiries. Unfortunately, after those inquiries, the subject of relationships was once more raised. If she was dating Paulo Avelino, the question was asked to her.

The actress remarked, “Parang puro relationship questions talaga ‘yung mahalaga dito sa Pilipinas, ano?”  Janine Gutierrez simply replied, “Uhm, ayon na nga” without immediately responding to the question.

People on the internet posted comments in response to that specific question regarding Janine and Paulo.

Perhaps the actress is just waiting for the actor to talk about their actual score, a netizen remarked. One person claimed that the solution was already clear, while another expressed her happiness for Paunine.

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