‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ Sets a New Record for Online Viewership


Thousands of people watched the long-running program “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” online on Friday, August 12, when Coco Martin’s character, Cardo Dalisay, left the show after seven years of nonstop action.

The almost two-hour finale drew 536,543 live concurrent views on Kapamilya Online Live on YouTube, setting a new all-time high record, according to data provided by ABS-CBN.

In the climax, Dalisay was the only surviving member of Task Force Agila, who killed Lucio Santanar, played by Raymond Bagatsing, and Renato Hipolito, played by Arcilla, in order to save President Oscar Hidalgo, played by Rowell Santiago.

The president awarded Dalisay a medal of courage, while the task force members were given a hero’s funeral. He went back to the province to see Mara, played by Julia Montes, while Oscar married Aurora Guillermo, played by Sharon Cuneta.

Martin also expressed his appreciation to Roces and her late husband Fernando Poe Jr., whose 1997 movie served as the basis for the television program.

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