VIDEO: Maris Racal’s Funny Reaction To Her Spotify Billboard in New York City


Maris Racal, a singer and actress from Kapamilya, had an amazing response when she discovered that she had a Spotify billboard in New York City.

Maris is talking about a latest accomplishment, which was getting her face on a billboard in New York.

She is using her abilities as a songwriter as well as an actress and vocalist. Her admirers have witnessed her development over time.

Maris Racal expressed her response to seeing her Spotify billboard in an Instagram video.

Apparently, in a public area, the actress-singer was unable to control her joy and was only trying to keep herself from screaming too loudly.

The Kapamilya actress captioned the photo, saying, “This was the moment I learned that my face is up in Times Square. like. OMG. IS THIS REAL? I can’t believe nasa new york ako! Honestly, this inspires me to make more music. Thank you everyone, for believing in me.”

Additionally, she expressed appreciation to Sony Music Philippines, Spotify Philippines, and Balcony Entertainment, a record company created by her boyfriend, the singer-songwriter Rico Blanco. Then Maris talked about the important man in her life.

The singer-actress added, “@ricoblanco100 at inutusan mo pa talaga si @imjoric mag video but good thinking!” She continued, saying that the image accurately captured the moment she knew of this.

Karen Davila, a veteran broadcaster for Kapamilya, left a nice remark on Maris’ post celebrating her new accomplishment.

The TV Patrol anchor responded, “Awww soooo happy for you!! PINOY PRIDE  congrats!” 

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