Cristy Fermin Reveals Something About Kris Aquino’s Looking For

According to Cristy Fermin, the famous actress Kris Aquino is seeking for a new hospital for ongoing treatment.

Kris Aquino said that she and her children will be living in the United States for her hospital attention.

Kris has a rare autoimmune disease, and being in the United States will allow her to receive higher advanced treatment for eventual healing.

And since Kris and her boys, Joshua and Bimby, moved to the United States, her supporters have gotten little information from her.

She eventually discontinued providing health-related information. In the most recent episode of Fermin’s show, she revealed that Kris is presently seeking a new hospital to pursue her treatment at.

As a result, something popped up – something which failed. “Tulad nung sinabi niya na nabasa natin, meron daw silang mga inaalala na magaganap sa Houston na nangyari nga, yung hindi nagtagumpay. Hindi nasunod. Hanap daw sila ngayon ng bagong ospital na paglilipatan niya,” Fermin stated.

Fermin felt shocked considering Kris had previously stated that she was already at a hospital with the greatest doctors.

Bakit ngayon ganito na naman? Iba na naman ang kwento. Hintayin po natin kung anong susunod na kwento naman na palulutangin ni Kris Aquino,” she continued.

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