Marcos will ask other Countries for Help in the Battle Against Climate Change

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. declared on Thursday that his government will address the situation by collaborating with the world community as the threats associated with climate change continue to rise.

Marcos to seek help from other nations in fight vs climate change

“We will look to our partners and friends to help the Philippines who, despite having very small carbon footprints, is at the highest risk,” Marcos said.

“First, spare victims then help them recover and move on to lessen the harmful impact of climate change,” he said.

One of the nations most susceptible to the effects of climate change, including severe storms, floods, and sea level rise, is the Philippines.

Marcos said, “The rich world talks a great deal but does a lot less about it (climate change) than those with much less, but have suffered more death and destruction from climate change and lack of adaptation,”

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