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Chie Filomeno’s Statement About the Viral Video with Zeus: “Alam ko kasi kung Kanino nanggaling yan”

The purported “video controversy” in which Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins were involved reappeared a few weeks ago. The actress then discussed the issues during a guest appearance on Cristy Fermin’s radio show, “Cristy Ferminute.” Chie stated that “fake news” began to spread again after her political postings. She also stated that the issue has reappeared as a result of one person, whom Chie preferred not to name.

Chienna Filomeno Kakasuhan ang Nagpakalat ng Video nila ni Zeus Collins sa  Parking Lot! - YouTube

Meanwhile, on his social media accounts, Chie issued a series of postings calling the intrigues directed at her today “fake news.”

Chie Filomeno is from the Philippines. Her birthday is August 15, 1996. She is a well-known Filipino model, actress, dancer, and social media personality. She is also well-known for her roles in television episodes and films such as Love Thy Woman, Princess DayaReese, Can’t Help Falling in Love, and others.

It all started when a female netizen shared a picture of Chie with dancer Zeus Collins.

Chienna Filomeno & Zeus allege scandal threatens to release online by  mystery woman - Where In Bacolod

The teenage actress addressed the issue during her appearance on “Cristy Ferminute,” which is hosted by Cristy Fermin and Romel Chika.

Romel asked Chie, “Matagal nang isyu, pabalik-balik pa rin. Bakit hindi mamatay-matay, ‘yung parking lot?”

“Oo, kay Zeus. Sus, mariyosep. Ano ba ‘yang kay Zeus na ‘yan?” Cristy also added.

Chie answered, “Ano po siguro kasi wala nang maano ‘yung tao. Lumabas ulit ‘yon nung naging open ako about sa politics again. Lagi silang nag-uungkat lang ng mga fake news para ibato sa akin dahil naging open po ako sa gusto kong sabihin sa social media.”

“Kung baga, wala lang. Mema lang,” Cristy remarked.

“’Yung issue na ‘yan, alam ko kasi kung kanino nanggaling yan. Alam niyo naman po kung kanino nanggaling. Feel ko alam niyo naman po kung kanino nanggaling ‘yon,” Chie stated.

“Hay, naku. ‘Wag na natin siyang pag-usapan. Sayang na sayang ang espasyo. ‘Yung tatlong segundong ibibigay natin sa pangalan niya, tayo na lang ang mag-usap,” said Cristy, who also seemed to know the person Chie was referring to.

Watch the following conversation at 34:38 in this video:


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