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Alex Gonzaga Reaction To Sarcastic Comments In Viral Tweets “let’s end negativity”

In rants about her internet service provider, famous YouTuber Alex Gonzaga got insulting responses. These concerns are still being ignored by the elected president.

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And, most recently, in a tirade about an internet service provider, Alex received sarcastic remarks rather than responses about her condition. These sarcastic netizens simulated how BBM loyalists would respond to controversial concerns about their president.

Did 'Dead Kids' stars throw shade at Alex Gonzaga's remark on ABS-CBN  shutdown?

Alex Gonzaga, a vlogger-host, is a well-known yet low-key supporter of President-elect Bongbong Marcos. Her family voted for the winning presidential candidate. BBM was one of the most frequently condemned politicians in this year’s survey because to his family’s history of corruption, martial law, and failure to pay the estate tax.

Check out the following comments:

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Twitter Comments
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After she made her situation public, the company responded quickly, and everything was resolved just days later.

In response to how her message became viral, she expressed her satisfaction. Because of how things turned out, her response time grew shorter.  “Thank you siguro kaya lalo napabilis pag-ayos ng internet namin. But tama let’s end negativity and be united as a nation,” she stated.

Alex Gonzaga Post

Because of her political viewpoint, Alex received the same sorts of comments from netizens in her post – sarcastic and satirical.

Read the following comments:

Alex Gonzaga Post

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