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Official Names of Miss World Philippines’ 35 Candidates in the 2022 Pageant

After much selection procedure, the Miss World Philippines organization confirmed Thursday night its final list of 35 contestants for its 2022 competition at the Glass Ballroom, Okada Hotel.

Multiple dozens of hopefuls showed up for the pageant’s auditions, which included their fashion style, poise and form in swimwear, abilities in the question-and-answer segment, and personal advocacies.

Pageant organizer Arnold Vegafria was on the screening panel, as were reigning Miss World Philippines queens Dindi Pajares, Michelle Arceo, and Tracy Maureen Perez.

The chosen candidates are as follows: 

  • Angel Jed Catorre
  • Maica Martinez
  • Marie Louise
  • Shaina Rose Ico
  • Maria Nina Soriano
  • Lady Justerinnie Santos
  • Kim Tiquestiques
  • Beatriz Mclelland
  • Simone Nadine Bornilla
  • Ivanna Kamil Pacis
  • Erika Vinculado
  • Kevyn Alessandrea Mateo
  • Cassandra Chan
  • Loraine Joy Arpia
  • Anje Mae Manipol
  • Paula Madarieta Ortega
  • Justine Felizarte
  • Ingrid Santamaria
  • Kayla Ariadne Tiongson
  • Samantha Gabronino
  • Alana Joaquin
  • Angela Teng
  • Gwendolyne Fourniol
  • Ashley Sebuano Montenegro
  • Maria Gigante
  • Patricia Mcgee
  • Patricia Dizon
  • Carla Manuel
  • Kristal Marie Gante
  • Natazha Vea Bautista
  • Erika Kristensen
  • Alison Black
  • Charyzah Esparrago 
  • Marinel Tungol
  • Blessie Villablanca

Hispanoamericana Filipinas, Miss Supranational Philippines, Miss Eco Philippines, Miss Eco Teen Philippines, Miss Multinational Philippines, Miss Tourism Philippines, and Miss Environment Philippines.

The next circle of Miss World Philippines queens will be crowned this summer.

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