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“He said Yes” The Celebrities and Netizens was Shocked to the Captions of Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach’s recent Instagram photo was a hoax on her fans. It includes cute images of her and her boyfriend, Jeremy Jauncey. Pia’s clever tweet, as predicted, went viral and attracted humorous replies from her followers. Similarly, some celebrities and fellow beauty queens commented on Pia’s post.

The popular beauty queen captioned her Instagram image with “he said yes,” causing everyone to believe she is engaged.

However, it turns out that it was all a joke, as her entire caption reads: “He said yes……to pizza tonight!”

Pia’s smart tweet, as predicted, went viral and drew hilarious replies from her followers.

The commentators didn’t lie when they said they fell for Pia’s prank at first. Many of them were under the idea that Pia was already engaged to Jeremy.

“Grabeee! Akala ko talaga!!! Grrrrr!!! Magcocongrats na sana ako eh! Hahaha! Well, congrats sa Pizza,” (“Grabeee! I really thought so !!! Grrrrr !!! I wish I could say congratulations! Hahaha! Well, congrats on Pizza,”) one netizen commented.

Similarly, many celebrities and fellow beauty queens commented on Pia’s post.

Pia Wurtzbach is a Filipina-German actress, model, and Miss Universe 2015 winner. She is one of four Filipinas who have won the title.

How Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach Became Miss Universe

Pia was shocked by the snowy  weather she and her boyfriend, Jeremy Jauncey, witnessed in Switzerland. According to Pia, she couldn’t remember the last time she seen so much snow. She also mentioned that she was unprepared for the temperature and that she might have to borrow jackets from the hotel where they were staying to remain warm.

Pia had previously taken to Instagram to respond to a now-deleted post by a netizen. The post was apparently creating conflict between her and Catriona Gray, the 2018 Ms. Universe. According to a now-deleted post, the 2015 Ms. Universe titleholder and her “team” were allegedly assaulting Catriona behind her back.

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