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Duterte Attends Quiboloy’s Birthday Celebration, “The Appointed Son of God”

Duterte Attends Birthday Celebration of Quiboloy

The popular religious leader, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, recently celebrated his birthday, and the president of the Philippines was present. Quiboloy is the minister of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, a Restorationist church established in the Philippines. The religious leader turned 71 years old only a few months ago. President Rodrigo Duterte was among those attending the birthday celebration of the founder of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC).

Duterte attends Quiboloy's 72nd birthday party | Philippine News Agency

The KJC offices hosted a birthday celebration for him.

Until he founded the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Quiboloy was a member of the United Pentecostal Church, a Oneness Pentecostal organization.

He has declared himself to be “The Appointed Son of God” and “The Owner of the Universe.”

DOJ exec presents option to resolve Quiboloy cases in US | Joel R. San Juan

Sonshine Media Network International, his ministry’s global television channel, and 17 radio stations in the Philippines are among its many assets. Two of the city’s newspapers, Pinas and Sikat, are online.

US: Quiboloy arrest not related to Philippine elections | Philstar.com

The congregation refers to itself as a “Kingdom Nation,” with about 2 million “Kingdom citizens” living outside of the Philippines and 4 million in the Philippines.

Exodus from Spiritual Bondage – Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Duterte’s partner, Honeylet Avancea, was among those who attended Quiboloy’s birthday party.

Duterte attends Pastor Quiboloy's birthday bash | The Manila Times

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