John Lloyd Cruz Still doesn’t have a Contract with GMA-7, Does He have no Intentions?

Since its premiere on GMA-7 before the end of 2021, John Lloyd Cruz’s sitcom Happy ToGetHer has been a ratings success.

Lloydie confessed that GMA-7 had offered him two TV shows during Crown Artist Management’s first anniversary party on March 6, 2022, Sunday, at Studio 28, BGC, Taguig City.

Lloydie stated that he is not yet a Kapuso and does not have a contract with the station.

Isn’t it possible that GMA 7 would not release John Lloyd?

“Let’s just say… I’m sure we’re having fun with John Lloyd,” GMA First VP for Program Management Department Joey Abacan said at a virtual mediacon on March 11, Friday afternoon.

“We like him, and we’re offering him a lot of ideas, ETV,” says ETV, adding that Happy ToGetHer will return for a second season.

“That implies he’s still here with us.” So, I’m hoping he doesn’t depart first. That’s something I’m sure you don’t want! You want him to stay Kapuso as well! “

Aside from Happy ToGetHer they also have a film proposal that they would want to pitch to John Lloyd.

The TV executives’ activities were coordinated with GMA First VP for Public Affairs Nessa Valdellon and GMA Senior VP for GMA Entertainment Group Lilybeth Gomez-Rasonable.

“We’re now working on something with him, so it’s all there as long as John Lloyd is simply there, within reach.

“Keri is her name. John Lloyd is also a gifted artist. We’re throwing stones at Nessa and Lilybeth for everything he can think of, hoping they’ll do something.

“But for now, we’re taking things one day at a time, and we’re delighted with what he’s doing.”

On the first anniversary of CAM, John Lloyd stated that he wanted Bea Alonzo to join the Kapuso network.

However, that is not currently on the schedule since Bea will begin the Start-Up Philippine adaption with Alden Richards.

There have been speculations of additional series that might be done by a great performer. However, nothing has been determined as of yet. They are willing to producing a show on another network as well.

“There are meetings coming out, of sure,” said Rambo Nuez of Crown Artist Management. “It’s really okay if you contextualize it.”

“It’s fine to have a lot of talks. That appears to be the case.”

The Crown is reported to respect its pet artists’ project material.

“There is a lot of progress to be seen.”

“That’s what we’re already promoting at the Crown, when there’s excellent content, right?”

“Isn’t today’s period, digital age, social media, content driven?” It’s also tremendously empowering for the artist to know that their career is driven by their work.

“When we have a good project, our doors, ears, and eyes are open, and I think, if I contextualize, we’re alright.”

“Many of the meetings that we have are particularly good because of the chance that is offered, especially to John Lloyd and the other artists.”

The question is what will John Lloyd do on GMA-7.

However, there is no mention of his signing an exclusive deal. Would Lloydie, a freelancer, be preferred by Crown Artist Management?

The filming of the John Lloyd film with Jasmine Curtis-Smith will begin in May.

More projects are in the works for Crown Artist Management for John Lloyd, which we will reveal here when they are ready.

Of course, we’re looking forward to the second season of Happy ToGetHer’s performances.

Lloydie and GMA-7 have gotten along well so far. Let’s simply wait and watch when their company progresses!

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