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VIRAL: Is Kris Aquino Currently in a Relationship?

Kris Aquino hints on her new potential lover and at the same time, she is currently linked with the former DILG Secretary Mel Sarmiento. Could it be that the two are forming a new love interest?

Yesterday, August 11, was former DILG Secretary Mel Sarmiento’s birthday and Kris Aquino also posted about a mystery guy whom she referred to as someone who is special.

Kris Aquino's new Romeo: Who is Mel Senen Sarmiento? | Inquirer  Entertainment

On her post, she wrote, “i thought long and hard whether to upload this, because i know what kind of speculation i’ll be starting… BUT he really did come when my grief was unbearable,” she started.

The mystery guy have been giving the actress unselfish support and comfort in her life’s ups and downs. Aquino also revealed that Bimby, her son, likes this mystery guy. According to what she wrote on her birthday greeting, he keeps making Kris Aquino feel taken care of, secure and safe.

Kris Aquino Greets Mystery Man A Happy Birthday

She the ends her greeting saying that the mystery guys deserves of her birthday greeting. “So he is deserving of this birthday greeting that all of you are now seeing (care bears na kung anong iisipin ninyo) BECAUSE for me he is #special. [yellow heart emoji].”

A lot of netizens tried to guess who could it be. There were also a lot of names mentioned in the comments section. However, the former DILG Secretary’s name dominated the netizens’ guesses.

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