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Iza Calzado Will Be Acting as the “Original Darna”

It is finally confirmed that Iza Calzado will be one of the casts of the upcoming “Darna” series. The news was announced on this day, August 12, which is also the actress’ birthday.

Iza Calzado marks 15th year in showbiz – Manila Bulletin

According to PEP’s interview with the actress, “Naiyak ako! It’s one of the best birthday gifts! On different levels, nakaka-lift lang ng puso at spirits,” Calzado excitedly stated.

“Finally, I can claim to be part of the Pinoy superhero history! I almost had the chance in the past, but God had other plans.

The 39-year-old actress revealed that she was not meant to be portraying the original Darna and that God prepared her for this role. She also called the opportunity a “Divine Timing”.

“Being a hero during these challenging times is exciting and female one at that just means so much more.

“Of course I do recognize that with great power comes great responsibility. As cliché as it sounds, there is truth to this.”

Iza Calzado Gaganap na Darna! - YouTube

Iza Calzado seems to be very inspired of her upcoming new project, especially during this time of pandemic, “At a time of great crisis, there has got to be a hero we can relate to — someone who brings out the best in us and a representation not only of our strong but loving and compassionate core.”

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