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Iza Calzado Dream as Darna Come True on ABS-CBN “Darna” TV Series

One of Iza Calzado’s dream roles has come true! She will play as Darna. In ABS-CBN’s Darna TV series, Iza Calzado will play a role as Darna and will pass Jane De Leon a white stone.

In the report published by the Philippine Star, Iza shared her joy about this.

Iza said, “Finally, I can claim to be part of the Pinoy superhero history! I almost had the chance in the past, but God had other plans. I was not meant to be that Darna but he surely prepared me to play this Darna. ”

Iza also shared that Darna was allegedly offered to her for a long time even when she was still on GMA. But it didn’t always go on because she had a different priority then, until it went to Angel Locsin in 2015.

“Since Liza Soberano’s time until Jane de Leon’s reign as Darna, I have become the constant. It was 2017 when I was tapped to be part of this project. I had talks with our former director/s Erik Matti and Jerold Tarrog about how to approach my character and (am) certainly excited to work with whoever will be at the helm of the series. I know they have the best director for this,” revealed Iza.

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