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Reasons of Noemi “Mahal” Tesorero Death Revealed

The Comedian/Vlogger Mahal Tesorero had passed away and this was confirmed by her sister Irene Tesorero via a Facebook post. “Ang aming kapatid na si mahal ay pumanaw na. Wala schedule sa kanyang burol due to COVID restr!ctions,” said by Irene.

Mahal recently went viral again on social media after visiting her friend and on screen partner Mura.

Apart from this, Mahal also gives money which she said was in addition to Mura’s expenses. She is also ready to answer all therapy expenses of Mura when go to Manila. Many were moved by what Mahal told her friend that she was always ready to help when Mura needed her help.

Mahal was also saddened by the passing of her father just a few weeks ago because of Covid-19. Meanwhile, his YouTube partner Mygz Molino has not yet released an official statement regarding the news.

Noemi “Mahal” Tesorero rose to fame in the world of comedy. Among her films are Id’Nal (Mapusok) (2012), Kokey (1997) at Mr. Suave (2003).

Noemi “Mahal” Tesorero died due to digestive complications and COVID-19

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